Signature Workshop

Set along the Heritage Route in Inanda Township in kwaZulu Natal, South Africa, our facilitators will take you through the transformative Daring Way™ journey.

Our flagship, immersive learning experience brings to life the Daring Way™ research and methodology in an environment rich in historical significance, metaphor and story.

Exploring concepts such as courage, vulnerability, shame, and authenticity is heightened by the backdrop and atmosphere of these extraordinary locations. 

Here are some highlights from our Daring Way™ Inanda Experience.

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The Ohlange Institute

The historical Ohlange Institute – where Nelson Mandela cast his ballot in 1994 – provides a space for the group to explore their own potential for courage and creativity. 

The gravity of this powerful space sets the stage for delegates to examine where they can show up, be seen and live brave™ – both personally and professionally. 

Inanda Seminary

An oasis of calm in the chaos of this sprawling township, this school was started and sustained against all odds, educating young isiZulu girls during an era that made this extremely difficult.  It is a beacon of courage, light and inspiration.

Mahatma Gandhi’s Phoenix Settlement

Within the Inanda Township lies the historical cottage of Mahatma Gandhi, a giant of gentle strength who changed the world.

Today, the settlement is a museum and garden where our Daring Way™ delegates reflect on the empathy and self-compassion needed in their own story.


Experiencing the local cuisine and lifestyle is all part of the immersive experience, and includes an overnight homestay with a local community member. This unique opportunity brings the Daring Way™ work into a sensory, unforgettable life experience. 

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